Primary Head Recruitment

Dear parents,

With the opening of a second CM1 class in August 2017, there will be 14 French Section classes on our Primary Campus. On account of this growth (6 new classes in 4 years), and following the advice of the AEFE, we have decided to recruit a primary head especially for our Wenlin Rd campus. Andria, as primary assistant head, will maintain some of her current responsibilities, such as keeping you up to date about the work of her colleagues and life at school via the FS Facebook page, while being able to focus more on her own classes.

For my part, I find myself spending more time managing the diverse situations of a school that continues to grow at a sustained rate. The French Section now has 52 members of staff, a management council, two campuses, approximately 200 families, the French Baccalauréat and a future yet to be written. To put it briefly: you, the teachers and our students deserve a head who is more available to you all on a daily basis and who will bring more know-how and a renewed energy to the school.

It has been a difficult decision to make – working side by side with the primary team has been a rare pleasure – but it is, I am sure, the right decision for the school. Our priority is to recruit someone who shares our vision of education and who will preserve and extend the developments that have taken place over the last three years.

As head if school, I will remain very present in the making of all pedagogical decisions and I alone will act as guarantor of the quality of the teaching and learning throughout the entire French Section – primary and secondary. I am reinforcing, not abandoning, our primary school and I hope that you see it that way.

Our objective, in accordance with the School Development Project, is to make the French Section the best possible school for you, your children and for those who work here. Recruiting a new primary head is entirely in keeping with that objective. I would like therefore to thank the FS Management Council for their support and for making the creation of this position possible. It is a decision that will further improve the quality of our work and the educational experience of your children.

You can consult the job description in French here.

I will keep you informed during the different steps of the recruitment process.

Have a great weekend !

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