Secondary Class Councils

Dear parents, This past week has been jam-packed with meetings and events: the children’s rights show, programming competitions, the primary parent-teacher meetings, Reading Day, the illumination of the Christmas tree, secondary class councils…there’s no time for navel-gazing around here! Today, I would like to focus on one of these recent events: the secondary class councils. Read more about Secondary Class Councils[…]

Evaluation & Assessment

Dear parents, The new primary report cards are ready! Parents can access them online via Tesmile from 5pm this evening. I had the pleasure of reading through them all this past week and discovering the progress and achievements of your children during the first term of school. As I wrote previously, you will see that Read more about Evaluation & Assessment[…]

Town Hall Meetings

Dear parents, Like every head out there, the role of parents in the life of the school is an issue I give a lot of thought to. It’s an issue that goes beyond basic communication of information from school to families – with our parent representatives, weekly memo, blogs, Seesaw, correspondence books, Facebook, Instagram and Read more about Town Hall Meetings[…]