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Dear parents,

The new primary report cards are ready! Parents can access them online via Tesmile from 5pm this evening. I had the pleasure of reading through them all this past week and discovering the progress and achievements of your children during the first term of school.

As I wrote previously, you will see that your child’s new report card is more of a summary of their achievements rather than a detailed account. The aim is not to provide you with a long catalogue of skills acquired or not over the term, but to draw attention to more general competencies covered in each of the areas of learning.

The terminology has also changed somewhat. We’re now dealing with objectives and whether they have been achieved or not. With these new report cards, objectives can be exceeded, meaning that a child can have achieved more in a specific area at this particular moment of the year than was expected of them. An objective might also not have been achieved yet, but may be achieved by the end of the second or third term.

We have added an ‘English’ column, which is our only ‘deviation’ from the French Ministry of Education’s guidelines. Otherwise these report cards look exactly like those being distributed to every school child in France at the end of each of their three terms. I would like to take this opportunity to thank the talented and passionate William Faure, Chief Information Officer at TES (and former Maths teacher at the French Section), for his incredible hard work on developing these new report cards for the French Section.

Reading through the report cards, you will see the coherence that exists between our French and English teaching teams. You might find that there is a large number of yellow marbles (partially achieved objectives), but don’t fear, that does not mean your child is not doing as well as they did last year. It is perfectly normal in a school that operates over cycles of three years for a child not to have achieved all of the objectives set out for them right away at the beginning of a cycle (CP and CM1 classes).

As with every reform, the French School Reform requires a settling in and adaptation period. I would therefore like to thank the FS teaching team for their remarkable work in helping your children make the progress they have made and in being able to assess and communicate so effectively on that progress. Some were a bit anxious about the end result, but I was able to reassure them, after reading all of the report cards, they really do reflect our students and the learning they have been doing over the past 12 weeks. The French School Reform encourages us to care for each and every child and to allow them all the possibility to progress at their own rate; that is exactly what is happening in the French Section.

Finally, I would like to remind you that our use of Seesaw gives you regular and personal access to your child’s progress in school. The report card that you will read this evening is only one piece in the puzzle that represents our quest to involve you and your children closely in the teaching and learning that takes place in class. You will have an opportunity to talk more about all of this during the parent-teacher meetings, which take place next week, starting on Monday 14 November.

Until then, enjoy reading the report cards and have an excellent weekend,

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