Budget 2017-2018

You might remember that a few months ago, we unveiled the School Development Project for 2016-2019 (each family was provided with a copy of the booklet). The aim of that project was – and is – for you to have a clear overview of our objectives. I wrote in the introduction in September that it was time for us to start the consolidation phase of our project.

The budget, voted for by the Management Council, on the basis of the school fees for 2017-2018, marks the willingness of the Management Council to move on to the consolidation phase. In 2017-2018, you will find all of the activities and projects that you know and love. In our experience, a lack of initiative can often cause one to slip backwards, so there will also be new projects and ideas being proposed as we continue to offer you the best service we can. One of the projects that I am particularly excited about concerns the environment and sustainable development.

As you already know, the biggest change for the French Section in 2017-2018 will be a new primary head. It will entail a leap in quality of the greatest importance for our school; the creation of the position will transform and enrich the experience of all of our Section’s stakeholders: teachers, students and parents will find in Carine Capel someone who is available to listen, to act and to accompany them.

Of course, we will continue to grow – at a more moderate rate – with the opening of a second CM1 class, located on the 4th floor of the Junior building. The necessary construction work will take place this summer. Work will also be carried out on the secondary campus over the summer in order for us to accommodate growing numbers of students in the best possible conditions.

After a few years of opening a new class level every year in secondary, we reached our objective with the opening of the final year of high school, Terminale last August. A child who enrols in Petite Section today will be able to sit the Bac in our school. It is an achievement that matters enormously to us and will be consolidated with our new team next year.

Finally, as I told you in my last letter, we will be the Lycée français de Taipei: a symbolic change, but one that truly represents our desire to innovate continuously while keeping our identity intact.

Have an excellent weekend !

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