Coding at School

Let me start today with a programming joke: a woman who has just given birth is asked if her newborn is a boy or a girl. She replies yes.

Get it ?

Approximately 18 months ago, the French Section launched its first coding event -– La nuit du c0de (c0ding night) with the support of the TES IT department and the French Representative Office in Taipei. Our aim was to propose coding activities to our students that went beyond the school curriculum and to emphasise our status as an innovative school, innovation being one of the five themes of our School Development Project.

The first nuit du c0de took place almost a year ago and the atmosphere was electric. Thanks to the work of FS Secondary Maths teacher, Mr Kauffmann (you can blame him for the joke I opened with…) the nuit du c0de is now a staple in our calendar and in that of French Schools throughout the Asia-Pacific zone. This year, on the 20th of May, we will be hosting teams from the French schools of Hong Kong, Beijing and Tokyo for the second edition of La nuit du c0de.

Having seen how popular the c0ding night proved to be, we decided, along with our British Primary Section partners, to launch a second event: l’Aprèm du c0de (c0ding afternoon) for primary students. It will take place on the 27th of May – all 48 places were snapped up on Monday within minutes of the reservation system going live.

We are delighted, not only with the success of these events, but also with the fact that they give us an opportunity to measure your expectations of us in fields that will be, as I mentioned last week, crucial for your children’s futures. For this reason, we are increasing the number of such projects on offer at the FS. This week, for example, our 3ème class have been working on a robotics project (programming a car) as part of their interdisciplinary week (EPI). Also this week, the FS 4ème class have been working with our partners in Tatung University (thanks to Dillon Yang, FS parent, for making this possible) in their Fablab to create an ecologically sustainable city of the future using Minecraft.

We have also reviewed our Technology curriculum in secondary to include more coding and there are FS primary clubs and ESC ECAs on offer that are dedicated to coding. All of these actions are yielding positive results already: one in six of our secondary students have qualified for the semi-finals of the international programming challenge Algoréa: a truly stunning achievement.

We will continue on this path and hope to have even more programming and coding opportunities to offer you in the future.

In the meantime, back to the programmers’ joke, which illustrates that coding is, for the most part, a question of language and well, that suits us down to the ground in the multilingual French Section!

Have an excellent weekend!


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