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As promised last 21st of April, I am writing to you today with updates about the Eco-school project. You might remember that, under the watchful eyes of Phil Dawson and Nicolas Trameçon, the CE1 class started a garden at school last year (the summer was a little cruel to the garden, but it is still there). Since then, the Parent Support Council has made a donation towards the redevelopment of parts of the infant and junior playgrounds to include nature areas. I would like to thank them here for their generosity; more nature areas at school will definitely be welcome.

At the same time, the primary campus has officially set itself  the vast and ambitious challenge of qualifying for a green flag as part of the international Eco-school programme (the secondary campus already holds that honour).  The initiative is once again led by Phil Dawson and thanks to his special assembly last week, we have now completed the first step towards obtaining a green flag – we have a student-led eco-committee (going by the name of the Green Thinkers). The Green Thinkers (see pictures) will be the driving force behind all proposals to protect the environment at school; they will be the ones to come up with and implement the eco-improvements that can be made on our primary campus – with the help and cooperation of every TES student.   The project can of course go beyond the walls of our campus, and we might find our own habits being called into question.

On a personal level, after working in Shanghai – where environmental issues had a real impact on daily life: absurdly high levels of pollution, students being kept indoors, outings being cancelled, sports classes suspended for weeks on end, chronic illnesses, stress and anxiety –  arriving in Taipei was a (excuse the pun) breath of fresh air and I’m afraid, I let down my guard a little. I am therefore thankful to Phil Dawson and to our students for pushing us to become an Eco-school and for making me think twice about my own daily habits. I am fully aware that I can do better.

As I was saying, it will be the students – particularly the Green Thinkers – who will start putting initiatives in place (#onelittlething being a good place to start). It would be preaching to the converted here for me to go on about the importance of raising awareness about environmental issues in the next generation or about how crucial it is that the initiatives come from the students themselves. Putting the children at the heart of the project makes irrefutable sense.  

This morning, the British Primary Section officially joined us in the Eco-school project. It would have been absurd for us to try to become an Eco-school alone and we are delighted to be able to count on their support and full participation. The German Section will also be joining the project shortly. We couldn’t be happier that our little lycée is at the origin of such an big project.

So that’s it for protecting the environment: uniting us in our diversity. Which just goes to show, it’s not as complicated as it might sometimes seem.

I take this opportunity to wish you and your family not only an excellent weekend but also great holidays and a wonderful mid-Autumn festival!

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