CSI Taipei (Classroom Special Intelligence)

I’m not going to hide the fact from you, that last year, when we recruited Carine Capel, I had the secret hope that, after 4 years, I was finally going to be in a position to manage my time and that of the school better. Wishful thinking if ever there was any; the energy and enthusiasm of our teaching team has put paid to my daydreams of time to breathe. They continue to blow me away (and exhaust me!) with the whirlwind of activities they propose and organise.  

There are a million things happening right now at school: assemblies, sports days, eco-school projects, visits to/ from overseas (thanks to an ever stronger collaboration between the French Office in Taipei and our AEFE partners), la semaine des lycées français du monde (celebrating French schools around the world), outings, concerts, Lire en fête (reading day): none of us have had much time to breathe these past few weeks.

On top of all that, Autumn’s important academic meetings must be added: the class councils, as explained here and the parent-teacher meetings. They are crucial moments in the academic calendar, which we spend a long time preparing for, so that you and your children can get all the information you need from them. They are occasions for the word of the expert (much decried of late) and the expectations of the parents (at times disorientated by newfangled jargon and teaching methods) to come together.

Parents want to know as much as possible about what is going on, about what is said and about the reasons behind our decisions. It is totally understandable; we are talking about your children and you should have as much information as possible to help you as you guide them. Part of our role as educators is to give you a clear picture of your child’s learning progress. We work constantly to find the right tone: to reassure, to warn, to encourage, to guide, to  alert, to inform, to congratulate, to advise, to comfort…

It’s a delicate job. Through these weekly letters, I try to explain the workings of the school to you. My job, and that of Carine Capel and Franck Lefèvre means (we hope!) that teachers don’t have to worry too much about daily running of the school and can focus on the children in their care and the classes they are teaching.

So, I would like to pay homage to our teachers this November, for the quality of their work and for the care they take to prepare for the November meetings. I have one piece of advice for parents: please bask in the professionalism of our teachers, take their advice, their opinions and their point of view on board, and while you’re at it, marvel at their talent. They know your children well and have a very clear picture of their learning, thanks to the relationship they have fostered with them since the start of the school year. They are, after all, experts in their fields.

Have an excellent weekend

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