Baccalauréat meeting at LFTaipei

This week, the French Section welcomed the heads from all of the French schools in the Asia-Pacific region, in order to prepare the French baccalauréat exams for 2018. We are honoured to have been chosen as the host school for this meeting, which we held in the ESC Club house (the very place where the we celebrated July 2017’s Baccalauréat results).

That our school was chosen is a strong indication of our growing reputation and of the confidence that the AEFE places in us. It is a reward for the work done by the entire French Section team – both on the pedagogic and administrative side of things. It is worth noting that the French Section lycée (high school) opened very recently, in August 2014 with one class of 2nde. That class was accredited by the AEFE at the end of the same school year – in June 2015 – and that pattern was repeated as each of our high school classes opened until we reached the final accreditation, that of Terminale (the final year of school) at the start of this past summer. We have also been accorded the status of exam centre for the Baccalauréat starting this year with the 1ère class’s first round of exams; from next year onwards all of the Baccalauréat exams (for 1ère and Tle students) will take place here at the French Section, making Taiwan one of more than 90 countries in the world where students can take the French Baccalauréat.

On the agenda this year were exam surveillance (what to do about smartwatches?), logistics ( which teachers would be travelling to which schools to invigilate the oral exams?) and we also took the opportunity of this rare face-to-face meeting, to discuss issues that are specific to French schools. The Brevet exam, taken by our 3ème students, was a topic of dicussion, as it will change slightly this year on account of the reform of the middle school curricula. We will be communicating on all of these changes with our families soon, so you and our students will be well-prepared ahead of the exams.

My colleagues’ visit allowed our British and German Section partners to understand our school better. It gave them a chance to see the vitality of the AEFE network and to appreciate its value in the eyes of the French community and the French state. We are delighted to play such a vital role in this seminar and to take part in other conferences organised by the AEFE as a means of ensuring an influential role for our school in the AEFE network.  Making sure that our school is an influential one is an essential part of the FS Management Council’s strategic plan and it will have a positive effect on your children.

I would like to take advantage of this letter to thank Annie Lo, who was responsible for the organisation of the seminar: hotels, restaurants, buses and taxi reservations were all handled by her. It is no small thing to bring 30 people together – people who are in high demand elsewhere – and to coordinate all of their movements so that everything runs smoothly and punctually.  

I am certain that some of my colleagues will be as smitten with Taipei as I am; you might spot some of them at the Christmas bazaar tomorrow. If you do, don’t hesitate to say hello.

Have an excellent weekend


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