Best of the year

This year, like last, I want to offer you my best-of list for the calendar year 2017. Please be warned, my choices are not objective in the slightest (and in no particular order)!

  • 30th June, our Terminale students getting the results of the French Baccalauréat: I filmed the moment, up until one of them – Nathan – threw himself at me for a hug. An unforgettable moment.
  • 21st September, Peace day: after decorating and attaching my star of peace of peace to a balloon, I had the honour of being the first person to release my balloon in the atrium – promptly setting off the fire alarm and causing the evacuation of 1,000 students and their teachers from the primary campus. A moment I would rather forget.
  • 8th March, International Women’s Day: our Philosophy teacher, Anne Dewees, organised a wonderful concert, with students and teachers performing, in celebration of women. Special mention to Sabrina and Bastien for their performance, which had the room in stitches.
  • 23rd November, I am decorated as a knight: a personal award that highlighted the incredible work of everyone in our school and in the French community in Taipei. It was the entire French Section that was rewarded in the presence of all the heads of French schools from the Asia-Pacific region.
  • 3rd November, the Green Thinkers are the first TES students to get an ECO-WARRIOR bracelet: there is no doubt in my mind that the Eco-School project is one that is going to bring about real and long-lasting change in our attitude to the environment at TES. And let’s be honest, it is something we really need.  
  • 1st August, Carine Capel, our Primary Head joins the French Section: of vast importance on a personal and on a professional level. Carine’s arrival marks the end of the French Section being considered a small school and the start of it being considered a great one.
  • 8th June, the groundbreaking ceremony for the development of the secondary campus on YangMingShan: after months of preparation, we celebrated and took this photo with two colleagues whose company is missed this year.   
  • 17th February, distribution of the text “We should all be feminists” to our lycée (high school) students: an entry point to a conversation with our students on a subject that came to dominate the news this year – something we couldn’t have predicted.  
  • 27th May, after the success of the Nuit du c0de, we organised the Aprèm du c0de for younger students. Overseen by teachers and FS secondary student volunteers, our primary pupils got to experience how exciting and diverse coding can be.
  • 17th May, Abdul Fatar Sankara is inducted into the TES Sports Hall of Fame: having arrived from Burkina Faso without a word of English or Chinese, Abdul had all of TES at his feet by the time he graduated, thanks to his personality, his determination and his talent. It was an also opportunity for me to meet members of the Burkina Faso community in Taipei, a community to which a number of our students belong.

I’ll have to leave my list making there for this year simply because I’ve run out of space! I could go on and on and on, and you still wouldn’t have an inkling of how much pleasure I take every single day in running the TES French Section. It is a truly exceptional school and it is our daily mission to make it even better.  

Wishing you all wonderful holidays and a joyous end to the year. See you in 2018.

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