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Last weekend Nicolas Blanc, Stéphanie Froissart and I attended a meeting (in Bali, I know, no one said life was easy) with our counterparts from other French schools across Asia. The need to hold such a seminar as well as the presence of an important delegation from AEFE-Paris emphasizes the complexity of the issues the management councils face. The AEFE General Secretary also seized this opportunity to express his gratitude towards these parents who contribute their time and energy to ensure schools run smoothly according to regulations.

Hardly back in Taipei, we met with all the members of the LFT management council for the penultimate time this year. Among another packed agenda was the transition between the outgoing Council and the new members who will be elected on May 15. Election season is upon once again indeed and you can go to TESmile to check the list of candidates.

I would like to invite you and encourage you to take a few minutes of your time to cast your ballot: believe me this means a lot to the LFT team and for our students. I wrote a little bit here about my collaboration with the Section council but this year is definitely special as the Council could be entirely made up of new members.

I would like to offer my warmest thanks to the candidates as well as those who have expressed interest over the last few weeks. It is never simple to step up and ask for public support and approval. Your six candidates therefore need you to be behind them. Only your vote will legitimize them. This new Section council will be yours and will make decisions that will impact you all.

I know that in a school wherein so many families hail from Taiwan, a 100% French/French speaking Section council may raise a few eyebrows. The question however is more complex than it seems at first sight and the truth is it has not been solved – although it was discussed. This should not serve as an excuse though to refrain from offering complete backing to those who will represent you come August 2018.

I also know that with 6 candidates for 6 seats voting may seem like a futile exercise. This is not completely true: you can opt to only vote for the candidate (s) you think are in the best position to represent you. Not everyone will necessarily be elected.

Last year only 17% of our families cast their vote. Let’s agree that this is far from enough.

So, dear parents, I am asking you, please vote!

Have a great weekend!

PS: my translator is in Toucheng farm with her CP class, which explains why the English version is not as entertaining as it usually is!



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