Nuit du c0de – 3rd edition

This weekend we are hosting the third edition of the Nuit du c0de (c0ding night). The event was dreamt up in 2015, not only as a fascinating pedagogical project, but also as a platform for us to show the world what a dynamic, ambitious school the French Section is; a means for us to make our presence known within the vast network of French schools abroad.

The meeting that gave birth to the Nuit du c0de took place in the French Representative Office in Taipei – at the desk of Mr Nicolas Bauquet, the Head of the Culture, Education and Science Section. Mr Patrick Ténèze, the AEFE Coordinator at the time, was also in attendance; he was on an official visit to Taipei and was presenting his impressions of the French Section to Mr Bauquet and I. His enthusiastic feedback galvanised us into action. Until then, we had the impression that things were going well at our school, hearing someone with Mr Ténèze’s experience and professionalism extol the French Section’s virtues so sincerely and so passionately was exactly what we needed to push us further and to make our dream of hosting an international c0ding night become a reality.

After that, the talents of William Faure, Alexis Kauffmann and Jean-Yves Labouche did the rest. By the rest I mean: they have transformed a dream into one of the crucial events on the AEFE Asia-Pacific Calendar. More and more French schools want to enroll in the Nuit du c0de earlier and earlier each year.  

By the rest I also mean: the AEFE is now writing to us from Paris wanting to share news about the Nuit du c0de with the other French schools in the network. The AEFE knows all about the Nuit du c0de (Andria’s work as the LFT communication officer means they can’t really miss it!) and recognise the potential of the project.  In a network of 500 schools, renowned for their vitality, we are proud to be attracting the attention of the head office.

By the rest I finally mean: schools around the world – some much bigger and more well-known than ours – who write to us to ask if they can organise their own Nuit du c0de. Imitation as they say is the highest form of flattery and our response to these requests is always the same: do it! Make the Nuit du c0de your own! We have always hoped the event would spread and evolve, so that as many teenagers as possible could discover the joys (and the frustrations) of programming – a skill that every kid needs nowadays.


We took a risk with the Nuit du c0de, not a dangerous one, but an audacious one. Our Financial Manager Nicolas Blanc, likes to tell me that there are advantages to be gained if we think in terms of investment rather than cost. The Nuit du c0de is no exception. The return on our investment – in terms of the image of our school and also the pleasure we all take in participating – is priceless.  


This weekend, some of our students will come to compete, others to decorate the c0ding hub, others to film the event, others again to conduct interviews. Teachers will be here too to help students and to soak up the atmosphere (I have a list of those who are coming just to eat pizza!) That’s what the Nuit du c0de is – a project that brings us together, part of the French Section’s identity.  

I will be proud to launch the third edition tomorrow afternoon.

Wishing you all an excellent weekend


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