The hottest topic in French education news at the moment is Parscoursup, the new platform for managing university applications. In short, students select the schools or universities they would like to attend and, if their academic performance is up to scratch, they receive offers from the institutions they have chosen.

Obviously, it doesn’t always work out perfectly for everyone in the first round: some courses are in high demand, with thousands of students submitting applications for very few places, so some applicants find themselves placed on waiting lists. Others unfortunately find themselves with no offers at all. The lucky ones who receive offers are free to accept or refuse them freeing up places for further rounds.

To date, only 200,000 students have accepted an offer. Approximately 260,000 students haven’t received an offer yet. The situation fluctuates as places are accepted or refused; it is expected those who are still waiting will eventually receive an offer. At the French Section, our Terminale students have been able to avoid the waiting game. Thanks to the work of our Assistant Head and University Counsellor, Franck Lefèvre, and the Terminale Head Teacher, Emmanuel Rey, all of our students have received at least one unconditional offer from a third level institution of their choice. Thanks also goes of course to the work of the students themselves; they listened to their teachers and did a great job presenting their unique student profiles. Other offers may still come in; the students are in a good position to receive other proposals. The coming days and weeks will give us a clearer picture of their definitive options.

It is of crucial importance for our school to be able to guarantee that our students are in the best possible position when it comes to selecting and being selected for places in third level institutions. The results of our Terminale class 2017 proved that we could do it. Our first impressions from Parcoursup are equally encouraging – that one week after the opening of offers, all of our students are in a position to accept a place shows the esteem in which our school is held by university admission departments. We are extremely proud of our students and their achievements. We’re looking forward to accompanying them for the rest of the year – and beyond – and to guiding them in the choices they make.

Next year and after, as our classes grow, our students’ futures won’t be decided by Parcoursup alone, but also by its British equivalent, UCAS, and by the admissions departments of north American universities. We’re preparing for it already. I spoke to you here about the French Baccalauréat and we will have the chance to talk about it again; it is a high school diploma well-known to university admission departments all over the world for its prestige and quality, although not all of our families are familiar with it.

While I’m on the subject of the Bac, allow me remind our students (as if they’d forget) that the exams are getting closer! And we mustn’t forget that without the Bac you can’t get into university!

Have an excellent weekend!


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