A unique school

Two very important information meetings took place at school this week; CM1 and CM2 parents attended an introduction to secondary meeting, while the 3ème and 2nde parents attended an introduction to the French Bac 2021 meeting. Both of these meetings say a lot about who we are as a school: on the one hand, our secondary school reflects the fact that we are an integral part of TES – our students enjoy full use of its excellent facilities – on the other, the important place of the new Bac exams in our school is all down to our being a member of the AEFE network of French schools abroad, affiliated to the French Ministry of Education.

It is that very mix, perfectly illustrated by our French-English pathway in primary, that constitutes our DNA and makes the French Section a truly unique school. It’s a school that meets the expectations of French expat community looking for a plurilingual and pluricultural educational experience for their children, and it also attracts more and more local families looking for a different style of education for their offspring. In recent years, the increase in interest in the French Section has also enabled us to cater more fully to French families living in Taiwan long term and to fulfill our role as a French school in Taipei; our growth means we can offer a complete French education – fully accredited all the way to the final year of high school (Terminale).

As you can see, we have a multifaceted identity, which sometimes requires a careful balancing act on our part, as we ensure that each and every one of our stakeholders find in the French Section the type of school that they aspire to for their children – an environment that is conducive to a serene and fulfilling education for every single member of its student body. This week’s parent information meetings, along with the ones we hold on a regular basis, allow us to have a clearer understanding of our families’ expectations, uncertainties, hopes and concerns for our school.
Now more than ever it is important for us to know these things, as we prepare our next School Development Project. The teachers have already started working on it and it is now time for us to ask for your opinion. In order to do so, we need you to evaluate our current School Development Project 2016-2019.

I would like to thank you in advance for taking a few minutes to answer this short questionnaire. I know that it may seem tiresome and something that is asked of you often, but with a national debate raging in France about people having their say – it is highly topical! There are five multi-choice questions and a space for your comments – we welcome all contributions! The students will receive a similar version very soon. It will be slightly different from the one I am sending you today, but their answers will be just as important to us.

I will share a summary of the results with you in the coming weeks. Your responses will guide us in our reflection for the elaboration of our new School Development Project. The Project moving forward should represent who we are and also what direction we want to move in. It is one thing to define who we are, it is another to say who we want to be – for that, I need your help.

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