March madness

This morning’s Carnival parade, coordinated by Jaya, kicked off a month that is usually packed full of events on any school calendar. It is during the coming weeks that everything will be put in place for back-to-school 2019 – CPD choices, recruitment, budget, orders etc. That said, at TES the month of March is no busier than the other months of the year – there is always something happening at our school!

Today, I would like to thank our team for their initiative and commitment and for working so tirelessly on so many exciting projects for our students. At the risk of forgetting someone, I would like today to provide you with a round-up of recent and upcoming events and give the teachers and assistants responsible the credit they deserve. The tri-Section football tournament organised by Charles and Mr Stracey, which had the whole school on tenterhooks at breaktimes; the jump jam gymnastic sessions led by David at midday. The Reading Night, Museum Night, C0ding Night, Cinema Night and C0ding Afternoon involving so many members of our team: Valérie, Florian, Mr Belin, Marina, Isabelle, Céline, Essema, Fabienne, Mr Labouche, Annie, Ms Puertas, Ms Simon, Andria, Mr Dawson and William Faure.

The Cycle 2 Science Morning that took place on Wednesday was orchestrated by Sarah, and allowed our learning assistants Sandro and Nicolas to demonstrate their scientific talents as they led one of the workshops. There is a Science Morning coming in March for our CM classes too, with additional workshops run by Ms Corne and Ms Ambrosioni. On the topic of Science, Marina and Ms Roy prepared a wonderful biology lesson for the GS1 and 3ème classes last week – something similar is in store for the GS2 and 6ème classes next week. The primary-secondary connection continues with Florian and Dianne preparing the CM2 class to participate in the Maths Rallye competition with the 6ème class at ESC in two weeks’ time.

In MS, Matthew, Marie, Sara Maria, Sylvie and Wan-Ting have been hard at work on an astronomy project. In GS, Marina and Jaya transformed their classrooms into a museum for their Animal Exhibition, with the invaluable support of Guo-Ying, Essema and Marion. In CE1 and CM1, Valérie and Mr Belin are working on unusual plantations and Haikus, while Fabienne in CE2 has a Kamishibai activity in the works.

In the primary music department, Fiona is preparing the French Section Chamber Music Group for their performance at the annual TES Music Concert in May. The DELF French and Cambridge English exams are coming this month, Fabienne and Andria are providing special classes at midday and on Saturdays. The FS Philosophy Teacher, Mr Boutet is coordinating the Philo-menal project, which will lead to an exhibition in May. Just a few weeks ago, all regular middle and high school lessons were replaced by workshops led by our entire secondary teaching team during which they made the connection between the subject they teach and the notion of time. The Philo-menale project is led by Mr Belin at EPC, he made the trip up to the secondary campus that day to run a workshop there, while Mr Desponds and Javier ensured that the day ran according to schedule.

Mr David, one of the FS secondary maths teachers, is coordinating the classroom layout choices for the new ESC phase III building. Mr Dawson continues to lead TES’s bid to become a green flag Eco-School. As far as Sport is concerned, Bastien will be starting fencing lessons at EPC soon. While in the world of public-speaking, Mr Pénicaud will be taking our budding ambassador team to Hanoi to take part in the AEFE Asia finals. Our Spanish teacher, Jesus Robla will be spending his Spring holidays with a group of our students in Spain. And of course, Andria will be working to make sure you can follow each and every one of these activities on our social media pages.

Doing the round-up of all these activities this morning, I realised there were so many other projects I could mention, the staff involved will have to excuse me for not listing each and every one – there simply isn’t the space. One thing is for sure: we have an amazing team of teachers and assistants who are always going the extra mile for our students to provide them with a myriad of enriching and enjoyable learning experiences, all of which make our school an exceptional one.

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