A busy month of May

Tomorrow evening, the fourth annual edition of the Nuit du c0de/ C0ding Night will take place at the French Section. We will be hosting 31 teams of young coders from the French Lycées of Tokyo, Beijing, Rangoon, Singapore, Ho Chi Minh City and San Francisco. At this very moment, their planes are landing in (a very wet) Taipei. The origin and development of the project are explained here.

This evening, while we are welcoming the 80 participating students with a few getting-to-know you coding activities concocted by Mr Labouche, the TES Primary Music Concert will be taking place just a few metres away – bringing together the young musicians from all three Sections of EPC. Listening to the orchestra of more than 50 TES primary pupils closing the evening has always been for me one of the most moving moments in the school year.

Next week, it will be TES’s Dance department that will take centre stage with “Magic Box,”which will no doubt be as wonderful a show as ever. Last year, I had the privilege of addressing the audience at the end of the performance and I remember very well being confronted by the same dilemma Paul Valéry: what can one say after so much grace and energy that will not be inevitably banal and anodyne?
Also next Friday, our final year students will be attending the TES Prom, an event that has an element of the unknown and the glamorous for me. Even after all of these years abroad, I was once a French teenager, and I can’t help but think of a prom as an event straight out of the glitzy American TV shows I grew up with. The students are really looking forward to the evening, which will be the first of three opportunities they will have to bid farewell to their life as school children (the second being the TES graduation on the 1st of June, and the third the Bac Party on 29th of June, once the results of the French Baccalauréat are out).

The week after the prom, TES secondary students will demonstrate their immense talent with the musical Joseph. For those of you who have not yet purchased a ticket, I urge you to do so, you will be stunned by what these teenagers can do onstage. Coming full circle back to this week, we took the time on Wednesday evening at the TES Sports Awards to celebrate the sporting achievements of TES’s different teams and athletes, who compete week in week out in Taiwan and abroad in the
name of our school. At the French Section, we are particularly proud our nominees and winners, and honoured by the homage paid to Anna-Bella from Terminale, who (as you might have read) was inducted into the TES Hall of Fame.

These events are, above all, a celebration of our students; they are given the opportunity to show just what they can do to enthusiastic audiences, whether it be programming, dancing, singing, playing sport…our school ensures that our students make the very most of their childhood and adolescence. School is not just about grades, tests and homework. It is a place where we grow. And to put it frankly, I would have loved to have grown up in a school like the French Section.

Enjoy all of the activities and events that are lined up this month and create some wonderful memories!

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