End of Year

At EPC, the school is practically empty. It is 4pm.

Min Hui scribbles one last reminder on a post-it, Olivia places a last-minute order, Annie closes her ring-binder, Andria publishes a final Facebook post, Nicolas puts his calculator in a drawer and Carine closes the door of her office behind her.

We exchange glances, all of us feeling a bit lost. After this last week of shows, parties, congratulations, appreciations, ceremonies and tidying up the classrooms, the silence feels odd. We tell ourselves it has been a good year, and now it is over.

But it is not really true!
At the same time in ESC, we are in a frenzy. The written exams for the Bac kicked off this morning with the philosophy paper (“Is happiness a succession of pleasurable experiences?” “Is politics always about power?” You have 4 hours….)

Every day next week, our Terminale and 1ère students will be going into the Bac Battle with history, science, maths, French, Chinese, English and economics exams. It’s the first time that every single Bac exam will take place in Taipei (previously, our students had to go to Hong Kong); opening the examination envelopes this morning was a historic moment. Once the Terminale and 1ère students are done, it will be time for the 3èmes to take over – they sit the Brevet exams on the 24th and 25th June (to the delight of their families this year like every year!)

I wish all the very best of luck and success to all of our exam takers. I am certain they will give the very best of themselves. We’ll discover the Bac results together in the evening of the 28th of June and then we will really finish the school year with a Bac Party on the 29th organised for and by the Terminale students.

I know that most of you will be far away by then, and I know it has not been scientifically proven as effective, but if you could spare a thought for our exam takers in this month of June, maybe it will help with the knots in their stomachs to know that they have the good wishes of the entire FS community behind them.

Have a wonderful summer and enjoy safe travels wherever you go. The 2019-2020 school year promises to be another good one – especially with the opening of the third phase of the ESC campus on YangMingShan. I am looking forward to seeing you all back in flying form in August.

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