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To be frank with you, I would have much rather written to you today about something other than the fact that Andria and I are leaving TES. That said, it would have been just plain rude of me not to use the opportunity of this letter to thank you for the avalanche of kind words and support that you have sent our way over the past ten days. I have tried my best to reply to each and every message we received, my apologies if I have not yet gotten back to you.

I had imagined that news of our resignation wouldn’t go unnoticed, but I had no idea how strong a reaction it would provoke. Your messages, words and gestures have touched and moved us and left us speechless. We came to the French Section 6 and a half years ago to do our jobs, we will leave with the feeling of having received far more from you than we could ever give, and for that we will always be grateful.

A number of you have let me know that you appreciated the vision of our French Section that I fought for, many of you also mentioned the confidence I inspired as the head of the FS. You now know why it is impossible for me to continue in my current position after this academic year comes to a close. I would have zero credibility among you if I did an about turn on what I have spent the last 6 and a half years saying is best for our school and suddenly started preaching the virtues of its exact opposite.

What kind of confidence could you have in me as your head if I were the sort of person to change my convictions, beliefs and principles as easily as I change my socks?

I know that TES’s decisions will affect some of you deeply, I know that others will see in them an opportunity for our school to get even better. I don’t believe in a simplified version of events – there are no goodies and baddies in this story. We spend a lot of time in class teaching children and young adults to bring a critical eye to every situation, to take a balanced view and to consider diverse sources to better inform their judgment. Bearing that in mind, I could not possibly tell parents what they should think about the changes planned for our Section. I trust you all to come to your own conclusions and to form your own opinions regarding the future of the French Section.

My aim in writing to you today is not therefore to tell you what to think, but to ask a favour of all parents who read this letter. Wherever you may stand on the decisions made by TES, whether you think they will strengthen or weaken the French Section, whether you think they are fair or unfair, the decisions are real and they will touch us all in one way or another.

The favour I have to ask is to please lend your support to my colleagues – to our teachers, to our assistants and to our admin staff – the real wealth of the French Section. Some of them were here long before I arrived and I hope that many of them will still be here for many years after I leave. I am incredibly fortunate to see them everyday and that kind of fortune is not something that can be easily found in many schools.

This wonderful, precious, magical mix of people has carried me for years and helped me to do the job I have done. I think we need to see beyond what is going on at TES, I believe it is our duty (parents and mine) to do everything we can to ensure that FS staff know that we love them and value them and that we are here to support them during this period of uncertainty. They need our strength and we owe it to them.

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