It was to everyone’s great pleasure that we welcomed our students back to school on Tuesday. Now more than ever, we must work to ensure the health and safety of everyone on our two campuses and I would like to extend my thanks to the TES cleaning and maintenance staff who are doing a stellar job of disinfecting surfaces and classrooms at every opportunity at EPC and ESC. (Thank you in turn to Maths Teacher, Mr David for suggesting I show our collective appreciation for the cleaning staff’s work in this letter!).

Even without the students, a lot happened during the three weeks of school closure; in particular, I wanted to bring you up to speed with where we are at in the recruitment process for the positions of Head of School and Head of Primary School (in the case that Carine decides to leave). We have stuck to our original schedule and will be in a position to share the names of our new Head(s) with you by mid-March at the latest.

We shortlisted five candidates for the position of Primary Head and interviewed them by Skype (when I say ‘we’ I mean Franck Lefèvre, Carine Capel, Nicolas Blanc, Andria and I). What sets this position apart is that Carine has not handed in her resignation, so her position is not officially ‘vacant’ (to use the French terminology), however she may decide to leave, so we have advertised the position as ‘possibly vacant’ for the next school year. We will be kept in suspense for a few more weeks!

As for the ‘vacant’ position, the recruitment of the future Head of School is also in progress. Five candidates were also shortlisted for interview and the two finalists will be coming to Taipei at the beginning of March to visit the school and meet representatives of the French Section community. They were interviewed by the CEO, the Head of the British Primary Section, Luke Chaeter, and I.

I am currently setting up the parent, staff and student representative committees that will meet the finalists. I have already approached a number of parents who are very active in the school community to invite them to join the parent committee. If you would like to be a part of the committee, please do not hesitate to contact me to let me know. The committee will be limited to six members.

More than logistical details, I also think it is crucial to let you know that the applications we received for both positions were of exceptionally high quality. It is proof that our French Section now has an international reputation as an original, ambitious inspirational school that enables us to attract the very best candidates from all over the world.

Finally, I would like to conclude with some cheerful news from the French Section teaching team. Valerie, our CE1 French teacher has become a grandmother! Her daughter, Marie, who some of you might remember from her time working with us, has given birth to a little girl and Valerie has taken a few days off to meet her granddaughter Chloe in France. All our best wishes are with them.

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