Philosophy at School

With your permission, this week I would like to dwell on the visit by the Editor-in-Chief of Philosophie Magazine, Martin Legros, to our secondary campus. Firstly, as you might have gathered by now, because philosophy has a special place in my heart! Secondly, less anecdotally, as Mr Legros explained to our students, the objective of Read more about Philosophy at School[…]

Language and Culture

Diversity hasn’t been getting much good press lately. The tendency to highlight what separates us rather than what brings us together seems to be in vogue. Yet, at TES, our origins lie in diversity.  Our school was born of the simple belief that living, working and learning together is better than doing so alone. The Read more about Language and Culture[…]

Ecoschool Project

Nietzsche’s belief that the future influences the present just as much as the past is particularly pertinent in the world of education, where our role is to prepare your children for the world of tomorrow. At the French Section, we pay particular attention to ensuring that your children acquire competencies and savoir-faire that will be useful and necessary in Read more about Ecoschool Project[…]

Lycée français de Taipei

Dear parents, In January, I announced our intention to change the French name of our Section in order to clarify our status with the French state, other French schools and third level institutions.  You were provided with a pretty extensive list of choices and also with the opportunity to propose your own name for our Read more about Lycée français de Taipei[…]