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Learning from Home

In the 1950s, the American philosopher J.L. Austin introduced the concept of performative utterances to describe the rare situations when words produce reality. For example when the President announces that the session is open, then, almost as if by magic, the session opens. Or when you say ‘I do’ at the town hall and next Read more about Learning from Home[…]


Did you know that the French and German Sections of Taipei European School officially constitute a “Eurocampus”? It’s got nothing to do with Brexit, we’re not intentionally excluding the British from the party, it’s just that the denomination “Eurocampus” is applied uniquely to cases where French and German schools work together under the same roof. Read more about Eurocampus[…]


On Tuesday 19 November, just before 5pm, in the presence of the French Representative Office in Taipei,  Mr Gilles Almosnino, the head of the Aefe Asia-Pacific zone, and our CEO, David Gatley signed a new version of the partnership agreement between TES and the AEFE. The previous version, signed in 2011, needed to be updated Read more about Partnership[…]